Premier Power Electric is an electrical contractor operating in Western Washington. We have extensive experience working in all phases of construction. From pre-construction services, throughout construction, and into client operations, we have the history and capability to satisfy your project needs.

The markets we serve include:

  • K-12 and Higher Education Facilities
  • Public and Private projects
  • Design Bid Build

Premier History

Founded in 2007, Premier Power Electric has become a full service electrical contractor capable of performing work on a large scale. Our contract values range from <$1 million to $15 million.

Premier Pride

The culture of Premier Power Electric centers on having pride in our work. Quality craftsmanship, professional relationships, and a strong work ethic are the core tenants of our pride. We make things happen and are proud of what we do.

We are a young company, with a growing reputation in the industry as a top level electrical contractor. By investing in our people and technology, Premier Power Electric is translating our remarkable productivity and phenomenal performance into substantial added value for our cliental.

Our work is our brand, and that is our mindset on each and every project.

Premier Safety

Premier Power Electric is dedicated to ensuring the safety of every person on our projects. From the general public, to other trade personnel and our electricians; safety comes first. Our low incident rates reflect our company wide commitment to safety.

Commercial electrical work is integrated into practically every other trade on the jobsite. We work with every person on and around our jobsites in a cooperative approach to project safety. Each project begins with the development of a comprehensive site specific safety plan. These plans are customized to address the project needs from the client-level work approach down to task-related job hazard analysis.