Electrical Design

Premier Power Electric has a growing design and modeling department. We believe that a successful project begins with a successful design approach. Our company background is based on field experience that we utilize to provide the most constructable design and modeling in the industry.

The design-build approach uses win-win solutions, including those having the best balance of cost, function, efficiency, and maintainability for project delivery. The recipe for a successful design-build project requires the following ingredients:

  • A well-defined and accurate scope of work
  • A specific range of responsibility for each team member and criteria for measurement
  • A knowledgeable owner who can make quick, sound decisions
  • A cohesive team with experienced and competent members fully committed to the common needs and goals set by the owner.

By utilizing synergy between the owner, general contractor, design team, and subcontractors, design-build projects prevent the petty, self-serving stances typically seen in the traditional design-bid-build method.

Team members should be experienced and capable in their fields while also having the ability to think “outside the box.” Most importantly, they must be capable of collaborating on “win-win” solutions, which are those that incorporate the best balance of cost, function, efficiency, maintainability, and delivery for that particular project. Premier Power Electric is a capable partner with the right team to negotiate a win-win plan as well as address the goals and needs of all team members to ultimately satisfy the owner.

We believe that trade coordination – above-ceiling space coordination, in particular – is critical for all contractors involved on your project to effectively and efficiently plan their work. This early design, modeling, and planning allows for the prefabrication of systems and streamlining of installation in the field. The post-occupancy information built into the model becomes useful to facility management through simplified maintenance of equipment and systems. Our design and modeling process ensures more constructable and efficient building methods with on-time project delivery and accurate, usable record drawings to keep your efficient facility functioning for years to come.