Prefabrication is the assembly of the building’s components at a location other than the building site. This provides for a safer, faster, and more cost effective overall project. It also means less traffic and moving parts for less environmental impact.

Premier Power Electric’s approach to prefabrication promotes standardization and quality. On a typical project, designers and engineers create a plan that falls on the construction team to put into action. While performing value engineering, we identify any design and/or construction methods that improve the economics of the project and make appropriate recommendations to the project team.

Many building components require specialized equipment that cannot be economically or safely moved from one building site to another. Savings in material costs and assembly time are facilitated by locating the prefabrication operation at a permanent site local to the area. This ensures the adequate criteria for quality control and inspection is achieved. With less equipment and personnel on-site, scheduling becomes more predictable as variables are addressed before the materials arrive on-site. Shorter task durations in a controlled environment promote safety for every worker on-site resulting in higher efficiency and higher quality work for everyone.